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Millions of people in the UK struggle every year to afford food. Your Store is a social supermarket which aims to reduce the number of people and families experiencing food insecurity in Charnwood.
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Your Store is a social supermarket full of surplus food, local donations and purchased food, available for you at a fraction of the cost. This reduces food waste, saves you money every week and helps the environment.

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You or someone you know may not be in need of food parcels, but if the cost of a weekly shop is causing financial strain, then we are here to help.

Your Store doesn’t just help provide food for the local community, we will also direct members to a wide range of free support services that can help improve your overall situation. This support could be for debt advice, healthy cooking classes, CV writing, mental health and wellbeing and so much more. 

Once you are a member it is our aim to create opportunities for you to build on your strengths and interests and grow in confidence to give yourself a flourishing life in the community. 

Our membership is by professional referral only.

If you are experiencing food insecurity please contact a professional or agency, such as a social worker, The Bridge East Midlands, a school nurse, your GP or your local Charnwood Borough councillor etc and they will be able to refer you. If you are a professional looking to refer a client, please click below.
 For an emergency referral to a foodbank please call The Bridge East Midlands on 0800 0385964. 



Members can shop each week for £3 per shop, plus additional items available for larger families to buy. Each shop will include a range of foods including store cupboard, fresh fruit and vegetables, chilled and frozen plus non-food items such as toiletries and detergents.



Members can save on their weekly food costs & be able to move these savings to other financial commitments.



Your Store will provide information and signposting on areas of concern or problems Members are facing such as managing debts, alongside activities including cooking classes, health and wellbeing support and lots more.

How can I become a Your Store member?

Step 1

A referral needs to be completed by a professional, giving you a 4-week membership to shop at Your Store once per week for £3 per shop.

Step 2

We will complete an assessment with you to better understand your situation, and this is where we will provide signposting to relevant support services.

Step 3

After this assessment you will receive a 6 month membership to Your Store to continue coming once per week for £3 per shop

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